Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Love the Rollie Pollie!

Well I'm a little behind in sharing some Christmas sewing but better late than never right?  This Christmas I decided to make one handmade item for each kid and thought of Dana's Rollie Pollie knowing my daughter would love it!  The main reason I hadn't sewed one before was cost, I knew it would take a bunch of fabric and filler.  Which it does!

However, one of the many bonuses to continued sewing is you keep growing a fabric stash and currently I had enough fabric in my stash due to our JoAnn's moving store fronts this fall and clearancing all their fabric before hand to make the bag.  I also had seen an ad for bean bag filler at Bed Bath and Beyond and got the filler for even cheaper than the ad said, so I filled it for only $11! (I made the larger bag)

There are lots of bloggers who've already sewn this, so I had lots of reading info before hand.  Everyone seemed to really like the pattern and their kids have loved them.  Mine are no exception while I made this for Peyton, Carter will get in it every chance he gets! :)  He will probably be getting his own soon.

 My only tip is to follow Dana's advice and use foam for the filler. Since I got the bean bag pellets for so cheap I went that route but they have compressed quite a bit in just a couple weeks so I'll definitely use foam in Carter's.  It really was a pretty easy sew, I had some trouble getting the insert in the cover but I persevered   If you have kids this makes a great project!

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