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Hi, this is Amanda.  I am a mother of two kids ages 5 and 2.  I am lucky enough to stay home with them.  This blog came about as a way to share my sewing. 
My Mother sewed A LOT of my clothes when I was young and while I learned to sew, I never really enjoyed it as a kid.  Once I had my daughter in 2008 I began to get interested in sewing and bought my first sewing machine,  I can’t quite remember what triggered the interest, but I quickly discovered ALL of the amazing sewing/craft blogs out there, and truly have learned much of my sewing skills from them. Once bitten by the sewing bug I have been hooked! I have dabbled in all kinds of projects but quilting and kids clothing are my two main interests, thought lately it has mostly been clothes.  I figure I have my whole life to quilt but a pretty narrow window to sew for my kids.  J

I never even considered blogging in the beginning but as time has gone on I have gained confidence in my sewing and felt like it was time to share, and wanted to document some of my projects.

My blog title “Heartland Happy” is simply a description for me and my life.  I am lucky to have been raised on a farm in Iowa and resided in Iowa today.  I have a fantastic husband who puts up with my messy sewing area and crazy ideas.  And spending my days with my two kids is the best there could be right now!  I hope you find some inspiration here!  Thanks for stopping by.

My machines:
Sewing: Bernette 56
Serger: Brother 1034D
They are both great, I aspire to someday have a nice Bernina but get along great with my Bernette for now!  I am currently considering adding a coverstitch machine so if you have any input feel free to share! :)

You can contact me at: amanda(dot)reeder(at)gmail(dot)com

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