Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Geranium Inspired Dress

So I've had a major crush on Rae's Geranium dress ever since she released it but I haven't bought it since Peyton is past size 5 which is as high as her pattern goes.  Each time someone in blog land makes one I get a bit more sad about not being able to make one.  So I decided to make my own version.  I found this Simplicity pattern #5226 and thought with some pattern tweaks I could re-create the essence of what I liked about the dress.  (One other thought, if big pattern makers would just work on the pictures and fabric used on the front of their packages, they'd sell lots more patterns I think. This one is not good at all but I could see past the "lovey" print and look at the construction.  I didn't used to be able to do that!!)

Out of all the Geranium dress versions I've seen my favorite is by Jess.  I loved the print she used and conveniently enough my local quilt shop had this lovely fabric by Lotta Jansdotter!  

Here are my adjustments to the pattern to make it Geranium-esque.  First I mainly used the slip dress pattern.  But I wanted the button closure so I used the front button bodice piece and blended it with the back bodice piece of the slip dress.  I used the sleeves on the slip dress too and eliminated the ruffle at the bottom.  I made my own bias tape with a coordinate from the same line.

I am very happy with how it turned out, my biggest mistake was making it a size too big.  I measured her and she fit the 6 but I sometimes have trouble with her out-growing the tops of her dresses if they are too fitted so I made the 7.  I should have stuck with the 6, but we'll get a lot of wear out of this dress since it is quite roomy! :)

I am happy with my attempt for a geranium knock-off but I will definitely buy the pattern if she puts it out in bigger sizes!! Hint Hint Rae, if you ever read this!

Carter jumped into this picture, he wants to pose with Peyton whenever I am taking pics for the blog.  I guess I should sew more for him! We've had a very springy week here which has been amazing!  I am getting ready for a major garage sale (like over 13 bins of kids clothes to sort and price) so I don't see a huge amount of sewing for a couple of weeks but I can't wait to unload some stuff!  

 Hope everyone enjoy's a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with lots of hugs from your kiddos!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gingercake Art Tote Review

I love promoting art to kids, and I love to give art stuff for birthday gifts to Peyton's friends!  I've had the Gingercake Art Caddy Tote pattern for awhile with the intention of making one for Peyton but it had yet to happen.  I finally decided maybe if I made one for a birthday gift I'd actually complete it! :)  

Let me start by saying this pattern is not hard at all, just time consuming with all the pockets and layers of material and interfacing.  You need a couple of prints, some cotton batting, interfacing and some stiff pellon interfacing.  Yes, that is ALOT!  However you really do get a nice sturdy tote, which I really liked.

For the fabric I was, again, trying to use what I had in my stash.  (I've been doing well with that goal, although I did place a rather substantial order for fabric last night!)  This Hello Kitty print was planned for an Open Wide Pouch but I think this was a good use too.  My one regret (I am pretty sure I have one after every project even when they turn out well!)  is that I didn't have any super great coordinates to go with the main fabric. I found some yellow and blue which work but I wish it had been better.

The other thing I want to improve on next time is the large pocket (shown in the picture above).  I think it is best used for markers but it doesn't quite keep them as straight as I want (I know I'm a bit OCD).  I think I'd put in vertical lines like on the crayon side for every two or three markers.  You'd just have to adjust the spacing for the size you are using.  

The best part is filling it up!  I loved browsing the art supply aisle at Target and picking out things.  It was kind of like back to school shopping which I LOVE!!!  I can't wait to buy Kindergarten supplies this summer! :)  I really need to make one for Peyton now!  Hopefully I can find just the right fabric for her's.  I think I want to use the a print from Ann Kelle's girlfriends line, maybe the ballet dancers!

Thanks reading, I have a dress to share later this week, hopefully! :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yeah...I'm a slacker!

You may or may not have noticed that I totally missed sewing this past week during KCW!  Did you participate in KCW?  :(  Well let me clarify that, I sewed a lot just not for my kids.  I agreed to participating in a craft fair last Saturday and I knew when I signed up that it would probably fall around KCW but I figured I'd just get my craft fair stuff sewn ahead of time.  Yeah right!!  I spent last week making doll, tooth fairy pillows, cute headbands and big hair bows and some crinkle baby toys.  And to really rub some salt in the wound about not sewing for KCW the sale was not particularly successful! Bummer, but how do you know?  I think people are thinking about being outside at this time of the year instead of attending a craft fair, maybe??

However I did frequent the flickr pool to try and keep up with all the amazing things in there! There were so many great clothes made this past week!  I just had to pick a few of my favorite to share!

First is this amazing fox peasant dress by Jess of Craftiness is not Optional. I almost want to make the exact same dress. Is that okay? :)
Next is an amazing lace tee from Homemade by Jill.  So simple, and those ever popular bubble pocket shorts that I didn't even know I wanted till KCW!
Finally is this amazing geranium top and bubble pocket shorts by LGB studio.  I love that print, I've been eyeing some of those great Notting Hill fabrics even before seeing this!

In this group first are some great Parsley pants, I love the tuxedo stripe!  Then some lovely Parsley shorts also from Homemade by Jill.  Next how awesome is this lovey owl shirt I love the snaps?!  Rounding my favorites is a fun self drafted dress, I love the piping at the waist!

I am hoping to spend some quality time with my machines very soon! I have a long list but I'll mention the big items I want to whip up.  First a dress based on the Geranium Dress, I can't use Rae's pattern since it only goes to size 5 and Peyton needs a 7. I have a Simplicity pattern that I want to play with.  If anyone has other suggests PLEASE let me know!  I also want to make some Parsley Pants, well probably shorts since someday it will stay warm here!  Also some raglan tee's for both kids, I haven't decided on a pattern for those yet.  And now that I've seen all the amazing bubble pocket shorts I might need to try them too!  So many pattern to sew and fabric to buy and yet so little time it seems! :)