Thursday, January 10, 2013

The rest of the Christmas sewing....

I thought about doing a couple of posts with the other things I made for Christmas but I decided to just put it all into one. Then I can get caught up so I can get back to my sewing machine instead of sitting at my computer!

Earlier this week I shared the rollie pollie I made for Peyton, so of course I made something for Carter too.  I went with a playmat for all the animals and cars we have.  I looked at lots of good examples and then just decided to wing it!  I did take the very lazy way out and hot glued everything down rather than sewing it.  This was my last sewing project before Christmas and I was getting pretty burned out.  I didn't think about how long it takes to design and cut out all the pieces.

I will say it is a bit too old of a toy for Carter, but he'll grow into it and for now Peyton really likes it.  I wish I had a picture of her playing with it but, oh well!

I also tackled an apron for my Grandma.  She had mentioned when we saw her last summer that she could use a new apron.  I looked around for a pattern similar to what she has, that she said she liked, and ended up using this Simplicity pattern #4987.  I made her look #3 in a small but had to shorten it up a lot as it was really long and my Grandma is under 5'.  I picked out a brown duct cloth fabric for the top and a fun teapot print for the lining.  The teapot fabric is Michael Miller and I got it here, I really love this!  She liked it but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her in it.  Our big family Christmases always get kinda crazy and it was overlooked.

One last project.  I bought my brother and sister in law Starbucks gift cards and to dress up the gift a bit I made coffee cozies for their cups.  I used this tutorial.  For my SIL I did a scrappy one and added a bit of embroidery to it. I am by no means very good at embroidery, but I love the look it adds to some projects.  For my brother's I used some fabric left over from a pillow I made for him this year.  He picked the fabric so I assumed he'd like it on his cozy! :)  These were fun to make a went really fast.

I love to sew for other's but I've decided if I'm going to sew Christmas gifts next year I have to start before the month of December!  :)  Did you sew any gifts?  What did you make?

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