Thursday, November 15, 2012

Purple Peasant Dress

For some reason I've been wanting to sew Petyon a peasant dress.  Not sure why, just really needed too! :) I found some fabric (corduroy from JoAnn's) that I thought she might like which had be laying around for awhile.   I always like to use fabric that was originally bought for those projects that never happen! She has been on a purple and pink kick hard core again, so I thought this would be right up her alley. 

 I didn't have a peasant dress pattern in her size, but I did have this Simplicity pattern which I've used before and have liked.  However I wanted a really basic dress that was all one piece in the body.  So I decided to semi-draft a pattern.  This is always really scary for me,  I am about 50/50 on successes with this!

This time it work though!  I decided to take my  beloved Signature Dress Pattern and use that to help me extend the bodice from the simplicity pattern.  I tried to mainly line up the arms and make sure the neckline was similar and went from there.  The fabric in the pictures is for my first Washi dress which I am currently working on!  YEAH!!

Success!  I love when everything goes exactly as planned! The only small issue was I'd wanted it to be long sleeved since it is pretty cold here now, but only had a yard of this fabric.  Also I wasn't sure about that butterfly print, but I really love it.  From a distance you loose the butterflies a bit.  Peyton does like it, but wishes it was all purple.  I just can't win with her these days!

I love when you stretch yourself a bit and it pays off!  I'm quite happy with this one! :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pom Pom Perfection's been awhile! :)  After KCWC was over I went into crazy sewing mode to finish up getting ready for my craft fair.  That was back on the 1-3 of November and it went well, all things considered.  After that I was in need of a sewing break, I was creatively drained!  I spent about a week watching TV, reading a book and blog surfing during my free time.  It was nice, but I am happy to say that I've recovered  :)  Last night I whipped out a dress for Peyton and I feel much better!  I'll have more on the dress (picture below) later this week.

While doing some of my beloved blog surfing I found some great ideas for items from the dollar store.  I purchased a bag of brightly colored pom poms last Friday and had some ideas for the kids but Peyton quickly had her own ideas.  On a side note, does anyone else's daughter live in her dance clothes, or is that just mine?!

We currently have this book from the library (I just love libraries!)  We love Strawberry Shortcake in our house.  Here's the brief story line in this book, Strawberry is trying to make a rainbow colored smoothie but the colors are all messed up in Berry Bitty City and she has to make it right.  So what does Peyton come up with?  Using the pom poms to make rainbow smoothies.  Let me tell you these pom poms have completely earned their dollar with me!  She's played with them regularly for going on 4 days now. 

 Carter even got in on the action, he is very into being just like big sister right now.  Yum, nothing like a pretend smoothie!

 I'll be back later this week, with some sewing, promise.  Now go buy some pom poms and see what your kids create! :)