Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One more KCW project!

I finished this outfit Sunday, the last day of KCW and am just getting around to posting.  I've had VBS all this week, playing games with preschoolers has been fun, but not good for keeping up with things at home!

I used the same Ottobre pattern that I used with the gray and black tee from earlier in the week. It was easy to just make the same pattern.  I used a recycled tee for the red fabric but the orange strip is new.  It was nice to have the hems for the sleeves, although these also got miss cut so two old red shirts were "harmed" in the making of this new shirt! :)  Other than that I am really happy with it!

For the shorts I just could not resist Dana's new Kid Shorts pattern, I mean $6 for shorts for both kids and in sizes 12 months to 10 years?  Plus all the different finishes, there was just no way!! :)  It was definitely worth it!  I hope to make a couple more pairs and will be turning them into pants for Carter this fall.  I love the pockets and I really should have made them flat front but was too lazy, you don't really notice it and it saved me a little time.  I also left off back pockets mainly for speed sake too, I do wish I'd thrown them on but I could always fiddle and put them on later.    

The peek of red you see on the pockets was some red robot fabric for the lining that I added just because I didn't was to make plain chambray shorts! You don't notice it, but I know it's there!

 Here's hoping to a more successful fall KCW!  If you want to check out all the great summer projects made head on over!
Until next time! :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

KCW day 4...too many irons in the fire!

My KCW started off in a terrible fashion!  First I probably didn't have time to join in this week, but really missed not doing it in the spring so I decided to sign up regardless!  I have been meaning to sew a couple more outfits for Carter all summer and thought that KCW would help me do it!  And it has, but it's been less that pleasant.  I decided to recycle tees to make the first shirt.  Which is good...except I haven't sewn recently where I needed to worry about saving pre-made hems and messed up cutting not once but twice. Good thing I had extra shirts!  I do like preserving existing hems because it does same time but not when you mis-cut!!  I also sewed the back of the shirt backwards so them hem is switch around, luckily you don't notice it.  I mean really...sometimes I wonder what else could go wrong!

The pattern for the tee was from the Ottobre autumn 2012 issue.  The pattern has long sleeves so I used another tee of his to decide where to cut for the short sleeve.  It was an easy pattern just 3 pieces.  I have another one to share later this week once I get the shorts made to go with it.

Speaking of shorts I used the same free pattern from Caila Made that I used with these cat shorts to make these lovely orange gingham ones.  I did lengthen the pattern by an inch in hopes he can wear them next summer too. And I raised the rise of the waist a bit too since I thought my first pair was a bit low rise for me.  I added back pockets to since I like that addition to basic shorts.

We will be celebrating Carter's second birthday this weekend and my house is a mess and I've got a cake to make so hopefully I can get my other outfit for him done.  I also have an Anywhere dress cut out that I would like to get finished too!  Summer seems to be flying by with kid activities and lots of pool time (especially this week with all our heat!)  I am looking forward to sewing more once school starts back up! other very fun note!  I ran into Vanessa from V and Co on Tuesday at JoAnn's in town!  I follow her blog and love her latest fabric line.  Of course I went right up and introduced myself and she was of course very lovely and nice!  It was a fun treat, especially as I was just coming from spending an hour in a half at the DMV renewing my drivers license!   Until next time, happy sewing!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Scoop Top...sewing for ME!

Hello, sorry for the sparse blogging here recently.  I have over booked my summer so far and seem to be having trouble finding the time to sew and blog, but I have high hopes for this month! :)  Today I've got some sewing for me! Yeah!  If you haven't tried Kristin's Scoop Top you have to give it a try. Even if you're like me and think you won't fit into the small/med. free pattern she has available; print it and see!  If it does't work she is working on a wider range of sizes, I believe. What got me to take the plunge and try it was when I saw this cute top by Anna, I thought maybe it will work, and it did!!

I didn't really change much at all other than raising the neck up a bit for my preference.  It is ultra flattering and SO comfy!  I love how the cut is fitted enough to be figure flattering, but then where mommas (at least this momma) needs a bit more room it widens out a bit to help hide that dreaded middle! I'd wear it everyday if I could. In fact it's been made for at least 3 weeks and that's been part of my problem in blogging about it.  I've worn it so much that either it or myself have needed cleaning! :)

The fabric is from JoAnn's and it is a couple of years old.  I was concerned that it would be too busy, but I really like it.  It was on hand and that was the biggest factor! :)

I did the sleeves the way Anna did and finished them like the neckline.  I think I like that better than just hemming the under.  There will be more of these great tees in my future!!

We were at my parents this past weekend and my dad has been bailing hay so I decided that might be a fun backdrop for some pictures!  I love the country and while I enjoy my city life now, being home feels like a bit of heaven! (Oh, and my mom made me a belated birthday cake, that made the weekend down right perfect!) Thanks for stopping by, have a fun and happy 4th of July!!
p.s. I couldn't leave out the cows, how can you not love cows! :)