Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013

Oh my how busy things have been since mid-November!  Funny how new flooring in most of your house and then going straight into Thanksgiving and then Christmas just leaves VERY little free time!  The older I get the more I love January!  I mean the holidays are fun, but I look forward to the peace that January brings.  

I get to organize, plan, relax, read, and most of all sew.  I swore I'd sew less this past Christmas but in reality I really didn't cut back so I'll be sharing some of where my December went in the coming week.  

My big new toy is a lovely camera.  I'm still learning lots but it is certainly fun!  I'm sure it will make my pictures much nicer for the blog, and I'm exciting to see where blogging leads me this year.  
Thanks for reading! Happy January.

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