Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KCWC day 2...Flashback tee and skirt

Another outfit for Peyton today.  I came across the skirt fabric at JoAnn's recently and just knew it would make a cute fall skirt.  I tried out this tutorial over at Make it and Love it.  It was fun to try something new, but I kind wish I'd just made a basic elastic casing for the waistband.  I had to force her to tuck in the shirt and she promptly un-tucked it mid way through taking pictures.  In short it was more time consuming to do it this way, and most likely no one is going to see it.  :(  

For the top I was able to use some green knit fabric from my ever growing stash of knits.  I used the Big Kid Flashback skinny tee, this was a size 6.  I love this pattern, easy to sew and very well drafted!  I was pretty sure Peyton was going to think there wasn't enough pink in the outfit for her liking, so I decided to enlarge one of the flowers from the skirt and applique it to the shirt.  I was quite pleased with it.  I would have liked it to be about a half inch higher but that is being really picky! :)

I will add the pink circle for the flower was a bit tricky.  Locally I couldn't find the right shade of pink so I ended up at Old Navy this morning and found a clearance t-shirt that was the right color.  At just over $2 it was a great deal and now I can cut the rest up for upcycled skinny tee!
The tights are from Target like yesterday tights were.  Sparkles are very important to this 4 and half year old.

I hope she wears this outfit, it turned out like I planned, which always makes me happy.  Hoping to have something for Carter tomorrow! :)


  1. lovely ensemble! well done
    i thought i was the only one who would sometimes like things moved a 1/2" this way or 1/4" that way.....

    ended up not making anything yet... our princess here got very sick :( poor thing

    1. Thanks! Good to know there are others as crazy as me out there! Hope she is feeling better.


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