Thursday, June 28, 2012

McCalls Pattern Review

Well I've been doing a lot of sewing recently!  It is just so fun and helps to feed my creative need!  I made this dress earlier this spring but wanted to share it before I get into posting all of the new things I've been making.  It is a McCall's pattern number M6497.  I am not much of a major pattern buyer, mostly because I can find so many fun things to make just by visiting blogs but this one jumped out at me while at JoAnn's and it was a $1, so into my cart it went! :)

As I thought about what fabrics I wanted to use for this dress I decided to try and use some of my ever growing stash!  I found a fat quarter of the print on the top with the big pink flower and decided to use that as my direction.  (by the way it is from the City Girl line by Kitty Yoshida manufactured by Benartex and is a few year old)  Going with that I found other fat quarters (5 total)  in purple/pink which is the color scheme my daughter in into right now (like pretty much all the other 4 year old girls I know).  I was hoping they would work for the rectangles even though the directions have you using yardage to cut the rectangles.  They do!!  

I made a size 6 and the rectangle for the upper ruffle layer is 6 1/4" x 5 3/4" and the lower rectangle is 11 1/2" x 9".  I did have to get a bit creative and buy the grey dot (which I was reluctant about because I wasn't sure it would work) and deep purple to help me get enough fabric and then I had to make up my own order and for the squares in the ruffles so as to not have rectangles side by side of the same print; but it can 
work! :)  I did have the pink leaf fabric used in the bodice already and it is my least favorite fabric in the dress.  

I think what I most appreciate about this is the details, I love the added lace bits on the bodice and in the skirt.

Here is the back view.

It is an amazing twirling dress with a very full skirt!

 In summary, I basically used the pattern just for my pieces and directions and then made the fabrics I wanted to use work! :)  It wasn't a complex dress just time consuming since I had to do it my way!  Just how  I always do! :)

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