Friday, June 29, 2012

Racerback dress for Miss C

The more confident I become in my children's clothing abilities the more willing I am to sew clothes for other peoples kids.  I have a good friend who had her first baby earlier this month and I am finally going to meet her this weekend!  I have been sewing up lots of fun things for her, I just love babies!  

Last month Crafterhours posted this adorable Racerback dress and I knew I would be making one soon!  I made the 12-18 month for Miss C to wear next summer and decided she would need a diaper cover to match.  I have used Dana's before over at Made and then added some fun ruffles because, well ruffles make everything cuter!  For the headband I used this tutorial but found that 3 layers of each flower size were WAY to many for a baby headband so I used just one of each and that was much better.  

The back of the dress.

I really liked the racerback dress, it sewed up quickly and is a good basic dress.  The back makes it fun.  I only have two areas that I will change next time.  First, I will say is that I think it is a bit short for my tastes.  I think for babies it is probably fine but for my long legged 4 year old, I'll add a bit to the bottom.  Also I think the neckline is pretty high too.  I'll be posting the dress that I made for Peyton soon and I'll share how I adjusted for that.

What I LOVE most is adding a tag!  I am starting to tag all my clothes with the size.  I'm using twill tape and a stamp set.  Someday I am sure I'll have personalized labels but for now this is a great place to start.

Of course I threw in one of my well loved crinkle ribbon toys.  :)  I hope Mamma and Miss C are pleased!  Happy Friday!


  1. I'm sure baby C and mamma S loved it! love the headband too!

  2. That diaper cover is so cute it makes ME want one. Something tells me it wouldn't be as cute on me though. :P

  3. I know there are so many cute things for kids that just won't quite work as well with adult clothing! :)


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