Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where have I been?

I see that I haven't blogged since summer KCWC ended!  I wish I had a list of really good reasons but the best one is just life.  We tried to pack as much summer into August as possible with things like swimming, gardening (love my tomatoes), trip to an amusement park, and a State Fair visit.  Peyton started Kindergarten August 27th and that same week I was drowning in peaches and processed them everyday of the week!  More on those peaches next post.

Oh to be young again!  This girl loves the water.

I feel like all this just happened, how can life move that fast!?

Yes, that is a giant tractor wheel!

I've also been on a big reading kick since the end of July, I've read 11 books.  (This number shocked me, I guessed 7 before I double checked!)  I decided to add a Goodreads widget to my sidebar in case anyone is interested in what I've read.  Anyone else out there a big reader, any books to recommend?  Of my recent reads I loved Beautiful Disaster and the first two Selection series books.  I would say my happiest solo moments are spent cutting out fabric or reading a good book.

I have been sewing too, just not sharing!  I have quite a few posts written to share in the next few weeks.  I really did miss being here, but thoroughly enjoyed the break.  And my sincerest apologies for the summer post in early October! :)


  1. Yay! I'm glad to see your blogging again and excited to see what you've created recently!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I am glad you keep tabs on my sewing! :)


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