Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back to School Dress

This year I let Peyton chose a pattern and fabric from my stash for her back to school dress.  She started Kindergarten this fall and I wanted to continue my tradition of making her a dress for her first day.  I made this dress during my week of peaches I talked about here,  it was a stretch to get it done but luckily she chose a pattern I've made a few times!

She picked this Simplicity pattern and wanted it with the 3 tiers as shown.  I only had a yard of the fabric she picked but also lucky for me it was from my local fabric shop so it was easy to go grab another half yard!

I only got 1 good picture of her where the whole dress is visible.  It was an easy sew and looked quite cute for her first day!  The fabric is Robert Kaufman 'Spot On' and I made a size 7.

Here is a close up of the sign she held up, where exactly I first saw it I can't remember, but was just what I was wanting!  Here is the link if it trips your trigger too, she has all grades! :)

 She is loving school and happy to get on the bus every morning!

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