Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Scoop Top...sewing for ME!

Hello, sorry for the sparse blogging here recently.  I have over booked my summer so far and seem to be having trouble finding the time to sew and blog, but I have high hopes for this month! :)  Today I've got some sewing for me! Yeah!  If you haven't tried Kristin's Scoop Top you have to give it a try. Even if you're like me and think you won't fit into the small/med. free pattern she has available; print it and see!  If it does't work she is working on a wider range of sizes, I believe. What got me to take the plunge and try it was when I saw this cute top by Anna, I thought maybe it will work, and it did!!

I didn't really change much at all other than raising the neck up a bit for my preference.  It is ultra flattering and SO comfy!  I love how the cut is fitted enough to be figure flattering, but then where mommas (at least this momma) needs a bit more room it widens out a bit to help hide that dreaded middle! I'd wear it everyday if I could. In fact it's been made for at least 3 weeks and that's been part of my problem in blogging about it.  I've worn it so much that either it or myself have needed cleaning! :)

The fabric is from JoAnn's and it is a couple of years old.  I was concerned that it would be too busy, but I really like it.  It was on hand and that was the biggest factor! :)

I did the sleeves the way Anna did and finished them like the neckline.  I think I like that better than just hemming the under.  There will be more of these great tees in my future!!

We were at my parents this past weekend and my dad has been bailing hay so I decided that might be a fun backdrop for some pictures!  I love the country and while I enjoy my city life now, being home feels like a bit of heaven! (Oh, and my mom made me a belated birthday cake, that made the weekend down right perfect!) Thanks for stopping by, have a fun and happy 4th of July!!
p.s. I couldn't leave out the cows, how can you not love cows! :)


  1. Cute top...I really like the print on your fabric! Ad I love your country photo backdrop. We live in a small tone and love our country life. It's always a bit overwhelming to go to the big city!

    1. Thanks Teresa, the fabric has just been waiting for the right use! It was fun taking pictures at the farm, glad you thought they were fun!

  2. Love your new top! I guess it's not quite as new now, but I'm sure you still love it. I wear an 18, so I will probably have to grade it out a little bit, I usually find just moving a simple Tshirt pattern out from the fold a bit usually is enough. I am looking forward to trying it now. Have to go diggin in my knits...I don't want to use the "hello kitty" fabric I got for my niece and granddaughter. I'm sure I've got something around here. Well I do have an entire ROLL of grey jersey, which I often use as a "muslin", and I could do some stamping or bleaching on it I suppose....

    1. Thanks Francine! It has been worn a lot this summer! I just made another one, but am really behind on blogging what I've been sewing! :) It is a nice basic top with a good fit. I am sure you could grade it out a bit very easily.


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