Monday, April 1, 2013

Bubble Dress

Hello Friends, Happy Belated Easter!  We had a nice weekend, but alas I took no pictures!  I forgot to take it when we went to our churches egg hunt and I didn't snap any pictures on Sunday either! Oh well!  :)

I have been busy finishing a quilt I started last May but never finished, which is highly unusual for me as I like to complete things and move on.  I also sewed up a Oliver and S Badminton skort which I'll share later this week.

Today though I want to show you a new pattern that I was fortunate to test!  An of Straight Grain has released a pattern of her fantastic bubble dress.  It is a cute pattern and an easy sew.  My daughter is on the top end of the size for the pattern.  I sewed the size 6.  It is a bit short for her but she is very tall.  In fact recently I've been asked it she's 7!! Peyton just turned 5 in February.  I checked with An and she did add about an inch to the size 6 pattern.  I will probably add another inch to that when I sew another one.  The bodice fit very nicely.  I layered it with a shirt for her to wear last week, a bit more snug but still fine.

The fabric was from my stash a print by Joel Dewberry called Aviary. I've been waiting for the right dress to use it on.  I did have a "moment" when cutting this dress and cut the skirt panels upside down!  After a few tears and major irritation I ordered more and luckily it came quickly and I still got it done with in the necessary time frame!  I love to cut fabric, but you have to be paying attention, that rotary cutter can do major damage.

The back is an easy button closure.  Hopefully I won't hear too much about her hair getting tangled around it.

I really liked this pattern and want to make another one soon!  Make sure you check it out over at Straight Grain and when your there check out her fun series Belgian Style!

One last picture, where do they get their poses sometimes?  Happy Monday!



  1. Hi Amanda, I love your bubble dress, and these cute pictures! And thank you so much for spreading the word about my bubble dress pattern. It was great having you as a pattern tester - I really look forward to 'working' (well...) with you again! :-) an

    1. Thanks An, it is a fun pattern and I am glad you like my dress! I look forward to "working" with you again too! :)

  2. Very cute dress! and I love the fabric!

  3. The dress is beautiful! I got to test the same pattern. I love it!

  4. Thanks! I'm glad you got to test the pattern too! I checked your dress out and I do agree the silhouette is very matroyshka like! :)

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