Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ottobre pattern: Rabbit Jump Tunic and Groovy skirt

I had never heard of Ottobre before I started reading sewing blogs.  The patterns I'd see always looked so fun and modern.  I finally bought the Autumn 2012 issue back in the late summer.  I know, a long time ago!  I originally planned to sew something from it for KCWC but I burned out before I got there.  Fast forward to last week and I decided it was time!  I made the Rabbit Tunic and Groovy skirt.  I really liked the fun bubble tunic and thought Peyton would like it too.

 I had a pretty easy time with the patterns.  By far the most challenging part is converting from centimeters to inches.  I need to print a table to keep with the magazine.  Also with both of these patterns they have you use elastic tape for gathering.  I'd never done that before, but it worked pretty well. It is quicker than doing a basting stitch but maybe doesn't give you quite as even gather?  If anyone has some expertise in this area I'd love to hear from you!

The fabric I used for both the top and skirt is from Joann's.  The undershirt and leggings are from Old Navy. I could have made them, but I had them on hand and they matched! I'd rather sew the unique stuff than brown leggings.

I liked the pintucks on the front of the tunic and really liked the binding on the arms and neck.  I've never finished a garment exactly like that before.  What I love about sewing is learning something new.  I always want to perfect a new skill so I might be looking to use some elastic tape and do some pintucks again soon.

Since your can't see much of the skirt under the bubble tunic I convinced her to change clothes so you can see the skirt.

I did make one small change on the skirt.  It looked like it might be too short for my liking so I added some to the length.  I made the 122cm everywhere but in length, then I used the 140cm length in case your really interested.  This was totally necessary and it would be really short without that adjustment.  I did include the tie on the front which was Peyton's favorite thing.  She said it made it like a ballet skirt.

I have now overcome any intimidation with Ottobre patterns so you'll probably see more! :) 


  1. I love Ottobre patterns, even though they are a pain to trace. :) Plus, I routinelly forget to add seam allowances. :)

  2. The skirt and tunic are lovely! You did a great job sewing both pieces.:) I found the skirt short too when I sewed it but my girls love it so we've been putting leggings or shorts under depending on the temp.


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