Sunday, October 14, 2012

KCWC day 6 and 7....yes....Another pair of Sandbox pants

I have completed my first KCWC.  I have certainly gotten some much needed clothes sewing done for my kids.  I pretty much stuck to dress/church clothes.  I haven't been very impressed with fancier kids clothes recently and am so happy with what I've made!

 Today I have yet another pair of Sandbox pants, I was going to use another pattern but the last pair turned out so well, I just took the quick route!  I think it is funny how fabric can really change a pattern.  I would never think these pants were made with this pattern.  The fabric I used was from Hancock's and was a stretch twill with a nice tiny hounds-tooth pattern.  I squeaked by with 1/2 yard and with the sale price these pants cost about $2.50!  

He looks like a little man in these pants and I just am thrilled with them.  I think they might be my favorite project of the week!

The shirt is a flashback skinny tee I also made this week.  I like the color and it feels so soft, but I used a ribbed knit that was too thin and so the cuffs are baggy.  I may cut them off and then do a 2" cuff with a different ribbing if they keep bothering me. :)  Those tiny things tend to drive me nuts!!  

I am so glad I spent the week sewing for my kids and got most of my list accomplished.  I am planning to do a round up next week of my favorite from the flickr pool!  See you then!

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