Monday, October 1, 2012

I Love Green!

Like many preschools, Peyton's reviews the colors at the start of the year.  They celebrate the colors by wearing different colors each day.  We've had a lot of good outfits for most days, but not much for green.  Rather than being normal, and just running to the store for something green, I decided to sew something.  After looking through my fabric I found a fabulous fabric just waiting for "green day".  The fabric is by Valori Wells in a past collection called Wrenly.

I then decided to make another O+S Ice Cream dress, as I really liked the first one I made.  I knew it would need another pop of color besides all the green, and decided on yellow.  I thought about using it on the yoke but didn't think I would like that.  I ended up making a band of yellow at the bottom.  To do that I used the full length of the dress pattern in her size and then subtracted 4" from the dress to add the band.  I really like it!  Everything worked out like I envisioned!

 I left off the pockets just to keep the dress more basic.  I'm usually drawn to basic and clean clothes, and tend to simplify a lot of patterns.  I did include them on my first Ice Cress Dress, and I considered putting them on this one in yellow for a moment, but I'm glad I left them out.

I will say with this bold chrysanthemum print I do sort of see a muu muu house dress trying to escape, but I'm okay with that! :)  Comfort is very important in her wardrobe.

However, I am having trouble getting her to wear this now that "green day" is over.  She always complains that her hair gets caught in the button on the back.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to avoid that?  I have tried braiding her hair on days she wears this style of dress but she can still get some hair caught.  It really drives her crazy! :)  

We are going to enjoy these next few days around here.  It is suppose to get very cool by next weekend. And while I am ready for some brisk fall weather; I always know that means winter is coming and I would rather it stayed away.  I like green grass too much!  Green is my favorite color!


  1. The dress is so pretty! I like the clean lines of it. Not sure how to avoid hair getting caught on the button...she sure does have lovely hair though!

    1. Thank you Cindy! She loves her long Rapunzel like hair! :)


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