Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monkey Pants and craft fair sewing

Fall has gotten off to a busy start around here!  I've been planning to share this outfit for awhile.  The pattern for the pants has been on my "To Sew" list since around the time Carter was born.  The pattern is from the second One Yard Wonder book.  In the book they call them Monkey Leggings but, I think they're pants. It is a very EASY pattern, only 3 pieces and is a quick sew.  I only made one adjustment.  I felt the waist was too high and took it down about 2" which I thought seemed like more natural  fit.  I also made the 6-12 month size which was plenty big for my 13 month old.  

For the shirt I used the flashback skinny tee pattern.  I've used the pattern a few time and have been very pleased with it.  It fits my skinny guy well!  The idea for the outfit came together when I saw this cute monkey fabric at Banberry Place.  Immediately I thought this would be the perfect fabric for trying out the pants pattern.  That is often times how I work.  I catalog patterns that I like and when I see the perfect fabric then I am set! What guides you, the sewing pattern or the fabric?    

My husband told me these are pajamas, but I plan on him wearing these during the day.  :)  We like comfort around here! Especially for lounging and watching TV! (I wish he'd watch a little TV to give me a break!  He just likes the remote.)

Which bring me to craft fair sewing.  My favorite part of sewing is trying something new and using fun fabric.  I like to sewing in single units, but once a year I do a craft fair through my husbands work, and it is that time of year!  What I love about doing a craft fair is, well the little bit of extra income first and foremost.  However, I do love the "game", figuring out what people want to buy and what fabrics to choose.  What I don't like is sewing in quantity.  Making 15-20 of something is a bit to repetitious for me, what gets me thorough is the fabric! :)  Do you sew any for money?  I'll share a bit more about what I am making as the fair gets closer.  All the mass sewing leaves me with less time to create all the ideas floating around in my head, but I am planning to do KCWC this year for the first time. Usually I just drool over all the great things everyone makes.  

Here is a look at the back.  That is most of the pictures I get of Carter these days.  He is constantly on the go.  In this instance, the backside was perfect! :)  

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  1. He is getting so big! I love the outfit :) What are you whipping up for Halloween? I'm sure it's not going to be store bought! ;)

    1. Well, with all my craft fair sewing, I'm not making their costumes. Carter is going to wear the spider one Peyton wore for her first Halloween and Peyton is going to be a mermaid, and I found her costume for way less that I could make it so I took the easy way out! :( Thanks for your comment, glad you are following! )


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