Monday, June 25, 2012

Striped Maxi Skirt

I have always been very shy about sewing clothing for myself.  It just seems hard!  There isn't really anything else I am afraid to tackle, but sewing for me.  However when I see tutorials and blog posts like some of these, Made by Rae wiksten top, Milkmaid Skirt by Crafterhours, and even this etsy skirt makes me swoon!  I really want to try since I am so annoyed sometime shopping for myself.  I find the more I sew the less happy I am with what I find in stores for me and the kids.  So I decided to try something easy, like a maxi skirt.  I saw this maxi skirt on pinterest first, which I loved!  But decided to use the most basic of her tutorials to start with!  

Here are the 2 pieces you need.  The yoga band waist piece (cut 2) and the bottom (cut 2)

The most time consuming part was actually the cutting and getting the fabric to lay nicely before cutting.  I sewed it together quickly with my serger and only had one issue.  I cut my waist band a bit too big and it wouldn't stay on my waist. Since I have made this error before on a skirt for my daughter, I added a piece of elastic inside the waist band to hold it up.  It works, but I'll know next time to cut that waist piece as small or smaller than her tutorial directs.  

 I think it turned out pretty good for a first try!  I always get braver with each project, maybe I'll even try a top next!


  1. you make me want a serger. :)

  2. You should get one! :) I have a brother 1034D. I think they are only around $200. I got a good deal on mine off Craigslist from a lady who decided she didn't want it. They make sewing clothing so much easier!


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