Thursday, June 7, 2012


It is strawberry season here in Iowa and my in-laws have plenty!  I have processed plenty of strawberries since coming into the family.  I've frozen them plain on cookie sheets to cook with later andI've done them in syrup for ice cream or my favorite use margaritas!  Recently though I've most made freeze jam with them since my husband eats peanut butter and jelly everyday for work, and my daughter eats the same most days at lunch too.    I thought I'd walk you through the process.  I like to use the packets for freezer jam like the one pictured below, mostly because it is EASY.  The directions say you need 4 cups crushed and I find that is about 6 cups pre-crushed!  I do measure after they are crushed but it helps me know how many to cut up for each batch.


Here is the crushing process, yes, it is that messy.  

I am missing a picture but it is pretty basic.  In the bowl before you add the crushed strawberries you add the contents of the packet and 1 and a half cups sugar and mix together.  Then add your strawberries and stir for 3 minutes.  

 Then you ladle it into jars.  I like the Ball freezer jars.  But I've used glad plastic containers too.  

I always have help around to make sure things are going well!

And here are fruits of my labor, 10 pint jars of fabulous tasting strawberry for all those sandwiches I make!

I also wanted to mention that last year I discovered a recipe for strawberry sauce that is AMAZING too!  We use it on waffles, pancakes and ice cream. It is so easy, just 2 cups of strawberry, 1/3 c. sugar and 1 tsp. of almond extract. (do use almond extract, I tried it with vanilla and it is much better with almond).  Here is the blog where I found it, Our Best Bites, they have lots of great recipes so check it out! 

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