Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gingercake Art Tote Review

I love promoting art to kids, and I love to give art stuff for birthday gifts to Peyton's friends!  I've had the Gingercake Art Caddy Tote pattern for awhile with the intention of making one for Peyton but it had yet to happen.  I finally decided maybe if I made one for a birthday gift I'd actually complete it! :)  

Let me start by saying this pattern is not hard at all, just time consuming with all the pockets and layers of material and interfacing.  You need a couple of prints, some cotton batting, interfacing and some stiff pellon interfacing.  Yes, that is ALOT!  However you really do get a nice sturdy tote, which I really liked.

For the fabric I was, again, trying to use what I had in my stash.  (I've been doing well with that goal, although I did place a rather substantial order for fabric last night!)  This Hello Kitty print was planned for an Open Wide Pouch but I think this was a good use too.  My one regret (I am pretty sure I have one after every project even when they turn out well!)  is that I didn't have any super great coordinates to go with the main fabric. I found some yellow and blue which work but I wish it had been better.

The other thing I want to improve on next time is the large pocket (shown in the picture above).  I think it is best used for markers but it doesn't quite keep them as straight as I want (I know I'm a bit OCD).  I think I'd put in vertical lines like on the crayon side for every two or three markers.  You'd just have to adjust the spacing for the size you are using.  

The best part is filling it up!  I loved browsing the art supply aisle at Target and picking out things.  It was kind of like back to school shopping which I LOVE!!!  I can't wait to buy Kindergarten supplies this summer! :)  I really need to make one for Peyton now!  Hopefully I can find just the right fabric for her's.  I think I want to use the a print from Ann Kelle's girlfriends line, maybe the ballet dancers!

Thanks reading, I have a dress to share later this week, hopefully! :)

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