Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 months in the making!

My sewing style is get it done!  I am not one to have WHIPS, I just don't like things laying around undone.  I think it messes with my OCD organizational issues. :)  Never the less last May in my very first blog post I showed this quilt I was working on while my serger was getting cleaned and fixed.  At the end I even said "Hope my serger comes home soon.  I've got some major clothing sewing I want to do!"  And apparently that is exactly what happened because after a little over 10 months I still just had a quilt top.

I even had the back pieced together.  So last week I decided to finish.  I went with a quick and easy stitch in the ditch quilting pattern.  I really wish now I'd sewn a line a quarter inch on each side of the seam rather than right down the seam but I've moved on! :)  Before I started blogging I made probably 5 or so quilts a year, so in this past year I've really brought my average down.  And it did show, I spent way too much time remembering how to get my binding just right, and my seam ripper got some action than I would have liked.

I really should finish sewing projects right away.  I was really over this quilt by the time I got around to finishing it and with my rushing it has some flaws which I never like!  On the bright side the sun was shining nicely yesterday and I got some good pictures of it and like it more now that it is done.  Peyton has claimed it for now.  I really need to sew at least 4 quilts a year to keep from getting so rusty.  One of these days I'll do a post with a bunch of my past ones.  Do you quilt?

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