Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mary Engelbreit Peasant Dress

Most of the time I buy fabric because I like it.  I mean don't we all.  But in the case of this particular corduroy fabric, after receiving it in the mail, I wasn't so sure I liked it up close.  ( Isn't getting fabric in the mail the absolute best??!! )

It seemed kinda awkward or something, I do LOVE bright colors but...then I realized that the flower are very reminiscent of Mary Engelbreit's.  Who I adored as a teenager. I know who was into Mary Engelbreit as a teen?  Anyway, I am going to chalk up this choice to some deep inward love of bright and happy flowers. 

I do feel my daughter is very bright and happy so maybe that weighed into the fabric too.  Thus I've coined this dress "the Mary Engelbreit dress".  I made this dress the same way I did this one.  My only change was to do three quarter sleeves.  To do this I looked at my flashback skinny tee to decide how long they should roughly be and then lengthened the short sleeve peasant dress pattern piece.  

She wore this to church last Sunday with some light pink tights.  The dress must be a hit because as soon as it was clean again she was wearing it.  This dress definitely had to grow on me!  I am sure to some this dress is a bit crazy, but for this Mama and her 4 year old we think it is pretty FUN!

Last Sunday was a fun clothing day as I realized that 3 out of 4 family members were wearing things I'd sewn.  Carter is wearing an outfit from this fall's KCWC and I'm wearing my first washi tunic which I still need to blog about.  Why is it SO hard to get decent pictures of yourself??!!  

It is days like this that keep me sewing.  How fun to sew for your kids!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. adorable dress and little girl! I love her in it with her boots.

    1. Thanks Christine! Dresses for my girl are my favorite to make. :)


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