Monday, August 27, 2012

Sandbox Pants

These pants have been sewn for slightly over a month but I've been waited to post them till Carter was walking.  I think kids just look a bit better in clothes once they are walking, but I'll miss the crawling days.  For me, crawling is just so darn cute!!  He just started walking 90% of the time right before turning 13 months.  Neither of my kids have been early walkers.  When did your little ones start walking?  

Okay, on with the pants.  After seeing some great Oliver + S Sandbox pants in the flickr pool, I decided I needed the pattern and NEEDED to make a pair!  I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to use for fabric but then I came across some chambray that my grandmother had sent me with some baby sewing patterns this summer.  I liked the weight for late summer and early fall and settled on it.  The acorn fabric is Squirrels and Nuts by David Walker.  I had it in my stash and thought it went well and seemed nice and boyish.  I just love woodland animals for some reason, strange or no?

I choose to not add the drawstring and make them flat front instead.  I prefer them that way.

This is another fabulous Oliver + S pattern the directions were easy to follow and I learned a bit 

Taking pictures of my new walker was a bit of a challenge!  He took off every time I tried to snap a picture.  Here is a look at the back, the pockets are quite cute.

My only problems was that, once again I overestimated his waist.  I know he is skinny but he's just crazy slim.  I think I should have sewn the waist at the 6-12 mo size rather than the 18-24 mo that he needs in the length!  So they are a bit baggy, just like the shirt.  Hopefully he'll have a growth spurt or he'll just get to wear them for a long time! :)

I am already planning to sew this pattern again, in corduroy, with some size tweaking! :) 


  1. Very cute! and Yay that Carter is walking!!

  2. Love the acorn print. It took me a minute to see the squirrels in it :)

    1. Yeah, the acorns are a bit more noticeable but I just love it! :)

  3. Chambray makes great o+s pants. I've done the sailboat pattern in it. Yours came out super cute!

    Definitely follow the measurement chart on the pattern for your skinny little guy. My 4 year old is still 12 month sized in the o+s waist sizing so unless I want things to fit super baggy or rumply, I have to majorly tweak things. And the elastic lengths are always off too. I just thread it through the casing and put the garment on my kids to size it. Often times I only need half of the length. Lol.

  4. Thanks for the tips. I like to do that for elastic anyways, because I agree, lots of times it is off in patterns. My daughter is normal to on the big size for her age and so it still throws me off when I sew for Carter, but I am beginning to be aware of the frequent waist adjustments! :)


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