Friday, July 6, 2012

Simple Linen Shorts

Sometime simple sewing is best, especially when it is for boys I think.  For some reason I like boy stuff, at least for my little guy, to be lots of solid colors or very simple patterns.  Anyway, he has been lacking in shorts this summer and I decided to sew a couple pair of linen shorts for him.

I just drew my pattern from already existing shorts he had and went from there.  That takes some confidence and I am still nervous when I sew that way, luckily these worked out! :)  Here are the two pattern pieces you need to make shorts.  I would say these are a 12-18 month size.  The shorts I used as a pattern were an 18 month Carter's pair, but I took in the waist since I have a skinny guy.

I chose linen because it seemed cool and I happened to be at Hancock's when they had it 50% off!  For shorts this size I only got 1/3 of a yard, I was trying to be cheap.  I really could have used a half yard as I just squeaked by with enough.   Linen shrinks a fair amount and I did pre-wash it.

The blue shorts were first and their waist is a bit small and I decided the were a tad to short.  With the khaki pair I added a 1/2 to 1" in the elastic for the waist and added a bit to the length.  I do like them more but both pairs are wearable and cute. 

I added a size tag very similar to the ones that No big dill has a tutorial for.  I'm just loving having a size tag, I'll continue for sure!

Here they are paired with a shirt I made following Made's 90 minute tee tutorial.  I'll have to show more of those shirts sometime I just love that tutorial!

One more picture!  Here they are with the envelope tee from Growing up Sew Liberated, I reviewed it here. And after having him wear it today I decided it does fit, I just want to tweak the neck next time.  

                             I can't believe he is almost one!  Where has the year gone?  Happy Friday!

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