Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One more racerback dress and a realization

Okay I'll move on now, I promise! I sewed up one more crafterhours dress and it was just as fast and easy as the first!

I did learn something with this dress, as I do every time I sew! :)  I think the pattern works better if you don't use ribbing for the neck and arm holes.  It doesn't seem to pull up as much, my arm holes were much bigger this time than the first dress, they were almost too tight on the striped dress.  You can kind of see that the arm holes are nice and generous this time.

Also I did a rolled hem lettuce edge, which I liked since the fabric has squiggles and they seem to match.  I also lengthened it even more, probably another 1.5".  So I think that is around 3" longer than the pattern. 
 I really love this dress for a fabulous summer play dress.  

And now my realization, I have been sewing some items this week for family (as in they requested and I produced) and I've decided that what drives me is learning sometime new.  I put pockets into some pants today for the first time and it went great, much easier than I thought!  I'm also working on a t-shirt for Carter's first birthday and I'm learning with it too!  (I'll be sharing that soon.)  That is what I love about sewing, the learning, and of course the part about making pretty things!  
My husband jokingly tells me that with all I am starting to know about garment sewing I'd be a nice addition to a clothing factory in China! :)  Yes, that's being supportive for him!  The growth I've made since I started sewing 3 years ago is incredible and I've loved the journey.  Glad I am starting to share it.

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