Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lace Top Inspiration

I always like finding a deal and this top on the clearance rack at Old Navy was calling out to me!  I think I paid about $4 for it.  I loved the lace and thought Peyton would like it too.

As I looked at it more I thought, hey I could make that! It is just lace sewn down on a tank.  I did notice that one row was flat and the next was ruffled so I kept with that since it seemed to add texture. With my basic tee pattern off I went.  

I think it turned out pretty well for totally winging it!  I would use a different lace next time and might put it on a tank or dress but wanted to try it on a tee-shirt.  

What a little poser! Down below is how we get the most use from our weekly Penny Saver paper.  Peyton and Carter (took off before I got the picture since Dad came home) happily tore it up for at least 20 minutes providing me with a small break!  What kind of odd activities do you think up for your kids?

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  1. You should make a lace t for you too. Such a cute and easy (for you) idea.


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